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Additional services from ProstoPoshta


We offer additional services for clients:

  • Photographing. This service minimizes customer risks. Sometimes the declared goods on the website may not correspond to reality. To check the goods, you can order a photo capture service. Our staff will take a photo of the goods, send you for approval, and you will confirm or cancel delivery. In case the goods do not correspond to what was presented on the website and you refuse it, we will make a refund within a calendar month, minus any funds for transportation in China. Service price is $ 1 for 5 photos.
  • Repacking of goods in a warehouse in China. To avoid damage to cargo during transportation, we offer a repacking service. Experts securely repack your product in a warehouse in China. It should be noted that this doesn`t guarantee the preservation of the goods upon delivery. The price for the repacking service: up to 0.5 kg - $1, from 0.5 kg - $2.
  • Insurance. This service will protect you against loss of cargo during the delivery process. Insurance is valid from the time of purchase of the goods (or if you buy the goods yourself - from the moment the goods are received at a warehouse in Guangzhou) until the goods arrive at the warehouses of the Nova Poshta. The price of the service is 2% of the value of the goods.
  • Other additional services are also provided on request: inspection of suppliers of goods, transportation services in the territory of China and other services for business clients.
Other services

Air Transportation from China for $5


ProstoPoshta offers delivery by plane: $5 (up to 0.5 kg) and $9 (over 0.5 kg). Delivery time: 9-12 days to Ukraine. Importan

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Sea Transportation from China


ProstoPoshta delivers goods by sea from China on an individual request. Terms of delivery: from 35 days to Ukraine. Importan

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